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November is Manatee Awareness Month, and in honor of this event, a news article (and journal) featuring these lovely animals :)

Manatee by juddpatterson :thumb110805072: I Live In Filth by screamyhatesyou
Manatee 1 by spop4good Manatee by LunaTicToc Sea Cow by thecleary  

"Habitat and Range: Manatees can be found in shallow, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, saltwater bays, canals, and coastal areas — particularly where seagrass beds or freshwater vegetation flourish. Manatees are a migratory species. Within the United States, they are concentrated in Florida in
the winter. In summer months, they can be found as far west as Texas and as far north as Massachusetts, but summer sightings in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina are more common.
West Indian manatees can also be found in the coastal and inland waterways of Central America and along the northern coast of South America, although distribution in these areas may be discontinuous."…
(quoted - save the manatee link)

Scarved Sea Cow and His Friend by Ruk89 Sea cow and scuba diver by Ruk89 West Indian Manatee by caybeach
:thumb85793713:   Sea Cow by suggestivetomatoes sea cow by 91stang  

Lifespan, Mortality, Population: West Indian manatees have no natural enemies, and it is believed they can live 60 years or more. As with all wild animal populations, a certain percentage of manatee mortality is attributed to natural causes of death such as cold stress, gastrointestinal disease, pneumonia, and other diseases. A high number of additional fatalities are from
human-related causes. Most human-related manatee fatalities occur from collisions with watercraft. Other causes of human-related manatee mortality include being crushed and/or drowned in canal locks and flood control structures; ingestion of fish hooks, litter, and monofilament line; and entanglement in crab trap lines. Ultimately, loss of habitat is the most serious threat facing the approximately 3,800 manatees in the United States today."
Legal Protection: West Indian manatees in the United States are protected under federal law by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, and the Endangered Species Act of 1973, which make it
illegal to harass, hunt, capture, or kill any marine mammal. West Indian manatees are also protected by the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act of 1978. Violations of these federal or state laws
can be met with civil or criminal convictions associated with monetary fines and/or imprisonment.

Slow down, Manatee zone by harmonie0805

Conservation: The Florida Manatee Recovery Plan was developed as a result of the Endangered Species Act. The recovery plan is coordinated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and sets
forth a list of tasks geared toward recovering manatees from their current endangered status."… (quoted - save the manatee link)


"Destruction and degradation of their coastal and freshwater habitat.  The leading known cause of death is by boat strikes; propellers and hulls inflict serious or mortal wounds. Most manatees have a pattern of scars on their backs or tails after surviving collisions with boats. Scientists use these patterns to identify individuals. Manatees are also vulnerable to cold water.They have been found crushed or drowned in flood-control gates and suffer harm from exposure to toxic red tide. In addition, a large number of manatees die from unknown causes each year."… (quoted -defenders of wildlife link)

*fully aware how amatuer these are - they were some of the first I posted here haha but since they fit they are :)*

Thanks to all of these deviants for their lovely images:

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Dellanine Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww! I love manatees! ^__^ I give them loads of hugs here at home and loving greenbacks of suport! xD
sametimenxtyr Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
Thanks for sharing this information Candice!! :hug: It's gratly appreciated!! I :love: manatees!
LunaTicToc Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2009
I am so honoured that you used my picture! Thank you for this article; I had no idea that November is Manatee awareness month. They are beautiful gentle giants and I was so psyched to see them up close this past August in Florida. Thanks again!
caybeach Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Great article :D Thank you for including one of my photos :)
harmonie0805 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009
That is really great, people really do need to pay more attention to these gentle giants. :heart:
CandiceSmithPhoto Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Professional Photographer
I agree, it's sad that boat accidents are STILL such an issue, even with awareness and posted boating signs. Though, at least we're TRYING to do something about all the fatalities among the manatees.
harmonie0805 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2009
i know, too bad not all people can get on board with it though.
spop4good Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009
I also want to thank you for including my photo within this article! These gentle and placid creatures definitely deserve to be protected, and this is a wonderful way to honor them in November's Manatee Awareness Month.
CandiceSmithPhoto Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Professional Photographer
glad you liked the article :)
91stang Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for the news article and for including my work among those featured. Manatees are incredible creatures. They were one of my biggest blessings to see up close and personal when I moved to Florida.
CandiceSmithPhoto Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Professional Photographer
I may have to agree with you, I always hope to see them whenever I'm near water they inhabit. The other that I loved when I moved here was the beach sunset, as I'd never seen the ocean before moving here in 1996.
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